Quality Through Qualities: Be Empowered


Putting you in the driver’s seat is paramount to achieving mental health success.

Welcome to the fourth posting for our Quality Through Qualities series.  Throughout these six articles, we aim to stand up and say: this is the driving force behind our company, the direction we’re moving in, and to allow you to take a look at what’s under the hood.  In any industry there are several companies that stand out because they deliver outstanding value to their customers and clients.  The reason they deliver something valuable is because they stand on a core set of beliefs that fuel every decision and action on a daily basis.

Today, we’re going to look at the PTI’s dedication to Being Empowered.  The main way in which this shows up is having the courage and the space to share our opinions and the integrity to respect the opinions of others.  We believe that there are no dumb ideas and, as complex as many mental health issues are, we need everyone showing up 100% every day and in every way.  One idea might not be the right idea, but it might lead to the best solution for the time being.  Part of our job is to stay focused and flexible so that we can adapt and change as technology becomes more readily available and as changes within the healthcare system continue to evolve.

As staff, we’re dedicated to meeting together on a regular basis to “sharpen the axe.”  We are committed to holding each other accountable and to brainstorm together over the challenges that we face.  It’s important for us to work as a team to problem solve any barrier that hinders us from providing the best possible care.  That means we all show up fully engaged, energized, and driven towards success.  As the playwright Henrik Ibsen once said, “A community is like a ship; everyone ought to be prepared to take the helm.”

We also allow our staff to make mistakes and embrace their learning process, because, after all, we’re all human and prone to error.  No one truly knows everything and we acknowledge each of our opportunities for growth.  As professionals, we also hold each other accountable to not making the same mistake twice.  Such are the hallmarks of a learning organization that resembles more of an organism rather than a stale, lifeless machine.

Just as a small example of empowering our staff, we all did a walkthrough of the new building together and thought about how to arrange the flow of the office space for the best possible client experience.  Because we were dedicated to doing it together as a team before making any final decisions, we ended up with an even better game plan than our original layout.

When you interact with staff at PTI you find people who believe that what they think and what they feel matters to each other.  That same team concept carries over into our client care.  If you remember our “Be Innovative” post, we shared about how our staff members came up with the idea of calling clients who miss an appointment to work with them rather than to just accept the lost time and move on.  We do that because we believe that people matter more than anything else.

The end result of all of this is the best possible client experience that you can have bar none.  That only happens when people are fully engaged to create the type of community they want.  Our goal is to truly be the best because the good people of Louisiana deserve the best, most efficient, and the most effective mental health care.  We will remove as many barriers to delivering that care as possible because that’s what we stand for and we have a staff who’s ready, willing, and standing by to help.  If you’re considering or even just wondering what mental health care and recovery looks like, please give us a call today.