Quality Through Qualities: Be Innovative


Innovation is at the heart of our business at PTI because it allows us to give you our best.

General Shineski, former Chief of Staff once said, “If you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevance even less.”  Change is often hard and there’s a lot of people and organizations out there that would rather keep things as they are and not rock the boat.  However, in today’s fast-paced world new technologies are invented, companies are founded, and ideas are spread in the blink of an eye.  If we can’t keep up then we’re going to get left behind.

Hence, one of our core values at the PTI is “Be Innovative.”  We welcome new ideas and are open to making positive changes so that we can perform our mission even better.  Our mission is to “provide integrated healthcare solutions by transforming the perception of mental health, embracing technology and providing a compassionate environment.”  In terms of innovation, if we stay up to date and ahead of the curve, then you get better care.

We’re not here to toot our own horn or make ourselves sound good.  As we said in the last post, where we introduced our series on Quality Through Qualities, the client care you experience with the PTI Difference is a direct result of the values that we stand behind.  It’s the same with any other business whether or not they come out and say “this is what we believe and what we stand for.”  Our clients who experience the PTI Difference come to us because they believe what we believe.  Our staff work here because they believe what we believe as well.

Within our organization, we believe at our fundamental core that if we can stay on pace with changes that are happening in the healthcare field and in with current research and best practices, then we can give our clients the best care possible.  For us, it boils down to this: giving the good people of Louisiana the best so that they can live the best quality life and recover from mental illness as efficiently and effectively as possible.

We’re not a top-down kind of company where employees follow the lead of the clinical director or the CEO.  In our staff, because we’re all on board with our core values, we speak the same language and we brainstorm together how to work through obstacles to delivering the best care possible.  If two heads are better than one, how about ten?

One example demonstrating our value for innovation is seen in how we treat clients who don’t show up for appointments. Not showing up is a problem for us as well as for our clients because that means more cost and a longer recovery period– which no one wants.  One of our staff offered a creative solution: if someone doesn’t show up, the clinician will give them a call personally to check-in and work with them to overcome the barriers of them getting here.  We’re not here to bop people on the head, we’re here and want to be on your team so that you can get the best possible client experience.  We’re here because we care about giving people our best and the best care.

We continue to innovate by having our staff come up with new ideas for service offerings as well.  Within the next year we plan to expand our services to include telepsychiatry for our established clients, so that through technology, they don’t even have to come into the office.

We’re always looking for ways to increase our productivity because that means a better client experience where healing happens more quickly and effectively.  If you haven’t experienced the PTI Difference yet, please consider us as your mental healthcare provider.  We’re not here to work for you, we’re here to work with and we’re excited about the opportunity of being on your team.