Consider Joining Our Community

Does This Sound Like You?

Do you want to live your life on your own terms? Do you want to work in a place where you are appreciated? Then read on…

Most young professionals tend to have a strong sense of community, both on local and global scales. Compared to previous generations, you focus more on larger societal needs rather than individual desires.

After spending years in school, you want to put that education to good use, often by working for an organization the really values you and your expertise.

Most importantly for the future, young professionals tend to favor positive working relationships and raising a family in a small close-knit community over the glamour of climbing a career ladder in a major city. The reason is you want to make a difference, have a direct impact on your community.

Are we talking about you?

At the PTI, our patients are more than just a co-pay. We are a community of helping. Our patient centered-mission creates an effective, positive environment for everyone involved.  As a member of our team, your voice will be heard, you will part of something bigger than yourself, and your values are our values.


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