Create Your Own Happiness

Practicing daily thankfulness goes a long way towards promoting health and happiness.

If you haven’t caught onto the “Happiness” train that’s been sweeping the nation recently, consider giving it a try.  Some countries have appointed cabinet members to study and measure their population’s happiness.  Although some may sneer and dub it as pop psychology, but perhaps we should take a look and see if anything might fit before we throw the baby out with the bathwater.  Here’s one thought to consider in your own pursuit of happiness:

Re-Defining Success: We all have a definition of success, whether we actively profess our definition or keep it tucked away, it’s important to know what success is for you.  Oftentimes, we tend to associate the state of happiness with a goal: when I buy a house, when I have more friends, when I get a job, and so on.  When we achieve one of those goals, people often set a new goal to achieve to be even happier and don’t really stop to celebrate their current achievement.  The downside is that you’re always chasing happiness rather than achieving it.  It’s more like you’re chasing the illusion of happiness down the road.

Alternatively, try celebrating what you have, being thankful, and then moving forward to more success.  Shawn Achor writes in the Happiness Advantage, that happiness actually fuels success and helps build forward momentum.

Put this into effect by making a list of things you’re thankful for, even if it’s the basic things such as food, water, and shelter.  Think of the positive things and people that inspire you and write them down.

Can You Create Your Own Happiness?

Is it possible to create your own happiness?  Well, you tell me!  If it turns out to be bogus then what do you have to lose?  But consider this: How much of our lives do we spend creating our own sadness?  Dwelling on thoughts and situations, or even imagining worst case scenarios, that end up bringing us down?  If we were to consider what percentage of our time we surround ourselves with negative thoughts and negative news how much time would we spend dwelling on something negative vs. positive?

Benefits of getting onboard the happiness train can include having more energy, recovering faster from illness, experiencing less stress and anxiety, and remaining more calm.

What if you can create your own happiness?  What if it’s a muscle that you can work, and, overtime, create a more positive and healthier environment around you?