Fitness for Duty Assessment

Life happens. Events occur that fundamentally change us as human beings, disturb our composure, or deeply affect our mechanisms for coping with the daily challenges that surround us.

If your employees are struggling to meet their basic responsibilities and duties, there may be an underlying emotional or psychological issue affecting their competency and behavior. There could also be foundational complications with the way they are managed or supervised, or possibly a problem with the way their position was designed. It’s vital for the health of organizations to clear the way for employees to excel and thrive in their work.

PTI’s Fitness for Duty assessments provide employers with a clinical, comprehensive evaluation of their employees’ behavioral and core competencies. HR and Managerial Professionals can then utilize this data to eliminate confusion in the workplace for both the employee and organization. Fitness for Duty assessments are even more critical for employees charged with operating heavy equipment, such as in construction or manufacturing, or those who function as supervisor of other employees. Employees who function under duress can compromise the safety of other employees and even critically affect the efficiency of your entire organization. Fitness for Duty assessments will address or allay any concerns you have of their ability to function normally both in and outside of the workplace.

The Fitness for Duty process is professional, worry-free and simple at PTI with these easy steps:

  1. PTI is contacted by the organization's HR department to schedule a Fitness for Duty assessment with the employee in question at their earliest convenience.
  2. On the scheduled date, the employee will arrive at PTI and undergo an evaluation, which may include a clinical interviewand psychological testing with a PTI psychologist.
  3. After the tests are complete, the candidate is free to go, and results will be submitted to the company's HR department at the discretion of the employer.

PTI recommends Fitness For Duty Assessments for all employees in safety sensitive position and employees in construction, manufacturing, heavy industry or other high-stress work environments. If something occurs that calls the safety of your employees into question, contact PTI for a Fitness for Duty assessments to gain an in-depth analysis of your employees’ core competencies.

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