Managing College

student studying

Being in college these days is tough. Do you feel like you are always “pressed for time,” that there is “not enough time in the day,” and that you just “run out of time.” These feelings can lead to stress, anxiety, depression, problems with eating, difficulty sleeping, difficulty paying attention in class, and more.

Does this sound familiar? The day has the same 24 hours it always has, but it seems to pass at the speed of light. You deserve a break.

Research finds that one of the best solutions to managing these kinds of college-related issues is to maintain and improve your health, both physically and mentally. But who has time to find healthcare professionals and make regular trips to their offices?

The good news is that at PTI, it easier than ever to get some help.

Welcome to the Virtual Psych Network™, or VPN™, which eliminates traditional barriers by providing network-based access between patients and their mental health providers. With our “telepsychiatry” technology, you can have an in-person consultation with your mental health professional on your lunch break, between classes at school, or from home, using your smart phone, tablet, or computer.

In other words, VPN™ lets you maintain your privacy and take control of your life by seeking the help you need and at your speed. Contact a PTI patient liaison, download the app, and you are on your way to managing your mental health and feeling better.

What could be faster, easier, or more convenient? Let the caring professionals at PTI help you become the best person you can be.