Quality Through Qualities: Be Balanced


We believe in balance in our professional and personal lives so that we show up refreshed and ready for excellence.

Here at the PTI, we’re much more than a clinic that treats mental illnesses.  First and foremost, our identity is and always will be people helping people.  Throughout our Quality & Qualities series, we’re striving to articulate the things that are important to us that defines how we practice medicine and how we go about our business.  We will never be a “doc in the box” type of service.  We were founded on the principle of putting people first, and with that as our fulcrum, we strive to lead balanced lives professionally and personally.  As a result, we’re able to consistently give our best to our clients.  We believe that you deserve the best, therefore, we will give you our personal best day in and day out.

As staff, we’re intentional about how we approach our work.  When we walk through the office doors, we hold each other accountable to giving our best and taking care of our responsibilities.  At the end of the day we don’t take our work home with us.  If we’re going to preach holding boundaries and using tools for health and wellness to our clients, we darn well better practice those same boundaries ourselves.  That way, we show up refreshed and fully prepared for success.

Through nurturing a healthy and balanced environment within our office, our staff are better equipped to support our clients.  We recognize staff who meet deadlines and goals by giving them more time off each quarter.  We also acknowledge that life isn’t a wound up clock that is mechanical and predictable.  Therefore, we support our team members above and beyond “what’s required,” especially if they are pro-active in their planning and taking care of business ahead of time.  When life throws a monkey-wrench or a reason to celebrate, such as one of our staff getting married, we want them to feel the support of the office rather than the drain of work.  When our staff show up, we want them to know that they’re cared for and that we have each others’ backs.  We treat each other as valuable and important members of the team because we believe in decency and respect as something that everyone deserves, especially our clients.

Think about a balanced diet.  Sometimes we need to trim the fat, reduce carbs and sugars, and find that sweet spot that works for us.  It works for our staff and it works for our clients.  We recognize that people often come to us because something is “out of balance.”  Stress, anxiety, and depression have a cascade effect into the rest of our lives and reshapes our normal.  As a result, we utilize medication and therapy modalities as needed in order to redefine normal into something healthier and happier.

Although medication can be a part of the process by which a healthy mental state is achieved, we recognize that a pill is not a balanced, final solution.  At points we may bring in a team member to utilize a different therapy modality that will provide a more efficient and effective recovery process.  Medication can be a toss up in trying to figure out what works for each individual.  Through using up to date technology and genetic testing, we can figure out what types of medication a client’s body will best respond to, thereby taking the guess work out of what will work and what doesn’t.  Whether it’s therapy, medication, or testing, we offer those services under one roof, which means that balance happens much more efficiently, resulting in success that leads to more success.

We’re all about success here at PTI!  There are many professionals in every occupation that are burned out and just show up to collect a paycheck.  That’s not us and we hope that it never will be!  We are successful when we are a team, supporting each other, and supporting our clients to be our best selves.  Because we have a high success rate with our clients, that energy returns to our staff who are even more motivated to keep doing a good job.  We believe that every little thing and every big thing we do each day truly matters in the lives of others.

We want to be the team standing behind you, encouraging you, motivating you, and equipping you to be successful.  That means that in the end, you don’t need us anymore because you have the tools and the power to do it.  If we lead balanced lives as staff, we can stay powered up to give our best to our clients.  That results in clients who walk out feeling powerful, equipped, and successful.  If you’re feeling “unbalanced” and would like to have us on your team, please give us a call today.  We’re standing by and ready to give you our best, because we believe that you deserve the best.