Quality Through Qualities: Being Driven


We Are Driven To Give You Our Best Everyday

Here at the PTI we’re cooking up a storm, and anyone who’s lived in Louisiana long enough knows that we’re serious about our cooking!  Only this time, we’re taking a look at who we are and what makes us different from the “other guys.”  Not to knock on any other organization, but it’s important for us to stand up and say “this is who we are.”  

We recognize that who we are directly translates into your client experience, which means better care and a better quality of life.  Knowing that your healthcare team is standing with you alleviates the headaches that often comes from working with the healthcare system.  Thus our “Quality Through Qualities” series for the next month is going to focus on just that: how our values directly translate into giving you our best.

Not The Status Quo

At one time, we had a client who was getting the runaround at the pharmacy and it didn’t look like they were going to get their prescription filled.  It wasn’t their fault, and, to make matters worse, it was a holiday weekend.  That means little chance of talking to anyone who could do anything helpful.  Has anything like that ever happened to you?  Not to toot our own horn, but our CEO ended up getting involved to make sure that things worked out right for our client.  It’s just what needed to be done and we’re willing to go the extra mile so that no one gets bogged down in the status quo of the healthcare system.

Hence, our first quality is Being Driven.  We seek to challenge the status quo first and foremost by striving to make our clients feel important.  Making money is not the center of our universe, it’s the good people who put their trust in us for their health and wellbeing.  Our primary goal is to fully embrace our clients and their treatment process from the moment they first step in the door until they’re ready to move on and no longer need our care.  Our clients have a say in their treatment plans and goals and our clients are treated as part of the treatment team, not part of the problem.

Educating About Meds

It’s also important for us to educate our clients, especially concerning medication if it’s part of the treatment process.  It’s unfair to toss a prescription to someone if they don’t know the side effects or even what it’s supposed to do.  When that happens, people are less motivated to take their medication if they “aren’t feeling it.”  That only results in more money spent on future medication, frustration on the part of the client as well as the treatment team, and more time in limbo while waiting for things to even out.  This is a lose-lose situation that we want to turn into a win-win.

Empowering Clinicians To Do Great Work

“Being Driven” is part of our culture.  Our clinicians have a voice in the type of clients they see because we want them at their best so that they can give their best.  If they’re motivated to work with a certain population or in treating a certain illness, then they’re going to do a quality job giving great care to their clients.

We’ll close with another vignette: There was once a client who was in crisis with an after-hours situation that was a combination of medical and psychiatric condition requiring admission to a local hospital.  As a practice that believes in integrated medicine and not just giving out prescriptions, one of our excellent staff went the extra mile by ensuring that this client was admitted to the hospital and gave further support to the client’s family through making sure they had the knowledge and support necessary to move forward.

That’s the type of staff that we have!  They’re great and they make us a great place where people can get the help they need.  When we hire, we’ve made sure that our future staff believes in giving the quality of care that we believe the residents of Louisiana deserve: the best!  Every one on our team from the receptionist to the CEO is a valued part of the team, which allows us to do what needs to be done.  That also means that because we all believe in putting people first, we can hold each other accountable to the highest possible standard for “Being Driven.”

We’re driven because we care and we believe that leads to giving the best care possible.  As an integrated, general psychiatry practice, we provide psychiatric and psychological evaluations, individual and group therapy, medication management, psychological testing, and an in house lab for drug screens.  Our specialty is improving the quality of life for individuals living with mental illness.  If you haven’t experienced the PTI difference please give us a call today.