What’s in a Name?

Since our beginning in 2011, the Post Trauma Institute is often referred to by its initials, PTI. As we evolve as a healthcare organization and continue to provide innovative mental healthcare, our identity in our community must evolve as well.

To that end, the initials PTI have come to represent something new:

P: Percuro  (to heal)
T: Transverto (to transform)
I:  Instituo  (to establish)

Percuro, (pur-cure-oh) from the Latin “to heal,” is our mission and and defines the outcomes we provide.  It is our promise to the staff, patients, and communities to provide access to high-quality mental healthcare and a better quality of life.

Transverto represents our transformation toward new integrated treatment models that improve efficiencies and outcomes while reducing healthcare costs. We are crossing into new territories of mental healthcare delivery, moving beyond traditional methods.

Instituo (in-stich-two-oh) represents our promise to provide cutting edge research to the mental health and medical community by conducting local and regional clinical studies.  Our first clinical study is set to begin in early 2020. We are committed to expanding the body of mental health research and improving healthcare practices and procedures for all.

These new concepts added to the initials PTI exemplify our commitment to lead in mental healthcare in this state through our dedication to patient engagement and care. We make every effort to integrate the most current, accurate research on mental healthcare practices and procedures, leading to a more holistic understanding of the human mind.

Percuro, Transverto, Instituo