Why Go To The Doctor’s Office?  

Our goal is to provide a warm and welcoming environment.

PTI checking-in: over the next month, we’d like to highlight more of the nuts and bolts of our services, and, more specifically letting you get to know us more.  We believe in doing business with people who believe what we believe, and that includes our staff and our clients.

The basic principle that we put first is to treat people right.  Each person who walks through our doors, including all of our staff, are valuable, important, and significant.  If we treat our staff that way, then they’re ready and energized to give their 100% to our clients every day.  Each client interaction is an opportunity to live out of our basic belief that people are important and deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.

Leveraging Technology

We know that our clients are important and that their time is important.  Therefore, we want to make things as easy as possible.  For people with access to a computer and printer at their home or work, we’ve put our incoming paperwork packets online so that you can fill them out at your convenience, making things easier for you.

Clear Expectations

We believe that when you go to a doctor or a service provider, that you should know what you can count on and what you’re going to get in return.  You can count on us because we’re after results: which means you getting better efficiently and effectively so that you can achieve your optimal state of health and remain in that state indefinitely.

If that means we work ourselves out of the job and you no longer need our services, we couldn’t be more thrilled!  To us, that’s a measurable result which tells us we’re doing a good job and that you’re in a healthy state of freedom and independence where you are truly in charge of your well being.

We’re not after a paycheck and stringing people along.  We’re after our clients getting the results of real and efficient progress.  We believe that if we put first things first, then everything else will come out in the wash.

Schedule An Appointment Now Or Later?

We realize that we’re a health care provider and that few people actually look forward to going to see the doctor.  Therefore, they put things off and wait.  With mental health, and most, if not all aspects of health, that’s actually making the problem bigger, more costly, and less efficient to solve.  We ask ourselves on a regular basis: how can we make our practice better for the client?  It guides our office layout, our online patient portal, the services we offer, the articles we publish, and every other decision we make.

If you’re in the driver’s seat from the beginning, then you’re not only more involved in the process, but you’ll be able to sustain your success.  At the end of the day, that’s what’s most important to us: seeing you be as successful, independent, and as healthy as possible.  If you’d like to experience the PTI difference and a team of dedicated professionals that is driven, innovative, and compassionate, then please don’t hesitate to give us a call today.